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Which is Cooler: Column Inches, Impressions or Buzzles?
September 17, 2009, 8:07 am
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When I worked at the data and Internet division of US West, I was always annoyed that they let the engineers name everything. Inevitably, products had names like Integrated Services Digital Network, Digital Subscriber Line and Asynchronous Transfer Mode. The only thing marketing could do at that point was to start using the acronyms: ISDN, DSL and ATM.

Anyway, the tide is turning. PRSA is on a quest to develop a unit of measurement for what it is we do in public relations, so presumably we will get to name it. In fact, in the spirit of true public relations, I think we should just name the unit of measurement and not bother figuring out what it quantifies. After all, we’ll probably just change that on a client-by-client basis to reflect best on our campaigns.

So if you have a suggestion, preferably something catchy like “buzzles” (as in, “Our last campaign generated 246,500 buzzles”), call Colorado PRSA President Gina Seamans at home post a comment on the PRSA blog.

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This is hilarious.

I ❤ Jeremy Story.

Comment by Ef Rodriguez

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