Westword: Fox31 Stars ‘Go from Anchors to Skank-ers’

When 303 Magazine announced its recent “Gentleman’s Issue” featuring nude local marketing directors, I wrote it off as the desperate last gasp of a magazine being squeezed to death by 5280 and Denver Magazine. But now Denver Magazine has followed suit with its own “Men’s Issue,” and Michael Roberts at Westword has called out Fox31 GM Dennis Leonard for allowing anchors Libby Weaver and Natalie Tysdal to transform themselves from “anchors to skank-ers” for the cover photo shoot.

12 thoughts on “Westword: Fox31 Stars ‘Go from Anchors to Skank-ers’

  1. How embarrassing for these two…Such seemly smart woman should now that women can be sexy without being spread eagle on the cover of a low-budget mag

    1. low budget? Have you seen that magazine, anything but low budget. You obviously have no publishing knowledge.

      1. Tim Setthers = Denver Magazine! If you actually take some time to read DM you will understand why it has a bad reputation. Also there is a reason why they aren’t audited. Think about it.

  2. What’s embarrassing is that people are so uptight here. This is fabulous! These women are smart, strong, gorgeous, sexy, classy, and fun. Welcome to the 21st century ‘negative nancy’s’ and get over it. I wish I’d thought of this idea for a client – EVERYONE in town is talking about this cover. Great job Dennis!

  3. If it was embarrassing for these 2 do you think that they would agree to do it in the first place
    It is tastefully done and they are very sexy!

  4. I saw Libby and Jillian on TV talking about this issue and they were clearly uncomfortable with it. It seems the end result was NOT what they thought they were getting into and they were exploited by Denver Magazine. Not a surprise though, Denver Magazine continues to need eye candy covers to sell the few issues they can because there content is so bad they can’t sustain a reader base.

  5. Denver Magazine is audited now…and it’s taking over the city…the ‘other’ city magazine reads alot like a yellow pages, I counted 144 pages of ads in a 232 page book. Good grief–and to boot–it’s a bunch of listings of real estate brokers (yawn)followed by a bunch of insurance brokers. Denver Magazine has come a long way–and it reads like a magazine.

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