Ef Rodriguez Moves from JW to Turner

Denver social media guru Ef “Pug of War” Rodriguez has made the move from JohnstonWells back to Turner Public Relations, where he got his PR start and where he will lead the travel/tourism/outdoor agency’s social media efforts.

JohnstonWells President and CEO GG Johnston said her firm is tapping Elizabeth Jumel to lead its social media practice. “After careful consideration, we decided that Elizabeth’s 11 years of experience and her insight into the right mix of social media and traditional media are exactly what our clients need right now,” Johnston said.

17 thoughts on “Ef Rodriguez Moves from JW to Turner

  1. I’m excited for your new gig, Efrem! Elizabeth sounds like a lovely lady and I am sure she’ll make all the JW peeps quite proud!

  2. Elizabeth, I know you’ll bring great insight and business acumen to the position. Ef, you’ll undoubtedly bring serious social media clout and at least one Snuggie to Turner. Congratulations to both of you!

  3. Such excitement! I am – dare I say stoked? – to carry on the social media torch that Ef lit on fire at JohnstonWells. And, looking forward to seeing what the he creates at Turner. Cheers all around!

  4. Who authorized these switcheroo shenanigans? Regardless, sounds like awesome opportunities for two folks I respect highly. Ef, beware of the freeloading freelancers in travel PR. Elizabeth, looking forward to the thousands (dare I say millions?) of trees we’ll plant with your social media skills. Congrats to you both!

  5. Ef, be sure to talk with Angela about joining and getting involved with PRSA. It’s a fun bunch.

    Elizabeth, I must note that you are the only local social media manager I know with the prestigious “APR” distinction.

    Congrats to two of my favorite people!

    1. I don’t know if PRSA Colorado is ready for my blistering indifference.

      But I’ll certainly keep it in mind. I’ve got loads of friends in your ranks – including you, Mrs. Seamans.


  6. Holy smokes, Jeremy. What a discussion you’ve started! I nominate “Ef Rodriguez Moves from JW to Turner” as 2009 Thread Of The Year!

  7. Ef taught this old PR dog all the new social media tricks I can barely remember…with some help from Alexis H…congrats to him.

    And kudos to EJ at JW…with her leading charge, JW remains a social media powerhouse

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