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The Denver Post’s Fake Comics Poll
August 12, 2009, 7:56 am
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When I first started work at US West (or U S WEST as they required us to write it at the time), I had a co-worker who constantly complained about the office temperature being too hot. He would occasionally adjust the wall-mounted thermostat near our cubicles, but most of the time he would find it already set to the lowest temperature (from the last time he visited it).

One day, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how offices were placing decoy thermostats that could be “controlled” by employees. The thermostats weren’t connected to anything, but they created the illusion that employees could control their environment. I showed the article to my co-worker, who immediately got up from his desk, walked over to the thermostat, pulled off one of his cowboy boots and knocked the thermostat off the wall. It was a decoy. There wasn’t even a hole in the drywall behind it – it had just been glued on.

I was reminded of that story this morning when I saw the Denver Post’s annual Comics Poll, where readers can list their most liked and most hated comic strips in an attempt to influence which comics the Post keeps. As a subscriber, the Post has my address and my phone number. If it wants a statistically valid sampling of which comics are desired and which aren’t by readers, it could do that. But it would rather create a way for all the cranks who bitch and moan about the comics to think their voices are being heard.

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I like Ziggy.

A lot.

Comment by Ef Rodriguez

I think you are calling all non-cranks to participate in the poll and not bitch and moan, but give honest feedback. I’ll do that.

Comment by Gina Seamans

Having worked at the Post, I can tell you that this is virtually the only type of readership research the newspaper does. Very telling.

Comment by Vill Robinson

[…] don’t expect any radical changes. The Denver Public Relations blog compares the poll to offices that use decoy thermostats to give employees the illusion that they […]

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What happened to Opus and Bloom County? Miss them!

Comment by Carol Piaseczny

wow: the fake thermostat thing is just unbelievable

Comment by Ryan

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