Vladimir Jones Inks COMPA Ministries

Vladimir Jones has signed COMPA Ministries. VJ will help generate awareness of the non-profit organization serving the homeless, under-employed and at-risk in the Denver area. The part paid/part pro-bono scope of work is focused on positioning the organization to have greater fundraising potential in order to ultimately help more people in need.

2 thoughts on “Vladimir Jones Inks COMPA Ministries

  1. Hey there, I would love to hear more about this ministry. We are working on a program to provide transitional housing with the goal of keeping families intact. We are based in Melbourne, Florida. You can email me at dennism@christopherdavidgroup.net….
    Thanks in advance, it is always good to hear what others are doing to end this homeless crisis in our country….

  2. Congrats Vladimir Jones! I have volunteered with COMPA Ministries for years during the annual field gleaning. It is an incredible organization. The work you do for them can impact thousands of lives!

    Gina Seamans
    PRSA Colorado Chapter President

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