KMGH/Channel 7 Wins Prestigious Peabody Award

Congratulations to KMGH-Channel 7, reporter John Ferrugia, producers Art Kane and Tom Burke, and photojournalist Jason Foster for winning a prestigious Peabody Award for their investigation into the deaths of children in the care of the state of Colorado. Joanne Ostrow at the Denver Post has the details.

3 thoughts on “KMGH/Channel 7 Wins Prestigious Peabody Award

  1. Great to know that good journalism is still rewarded. Kudos to Channel 7. The Peabody Award is one of the more difficult awards to win.

  2. Congratulations to KMGH. The Peabody is a very tough award to win. Their series was well documented, and frankly, stunning.

    I’ve always told colleagues around the country that this is a great journalism town. Times are tough and too many good people in broadcast and print are on the outside looking in.

    Let’s hope this Peabody is noticed by decision makers as proof positive that it takes good people to do the work needed to inform us all.

    Journalism is essential to our democracy.

  3. Local journalists long ago got too cozy with local cops, local politicians and agencies to really provide any leadership, critical analysis, or any kind of objectivity. They consistently go after the defenseless, the weak, and the poor. The only time journalists, especially TV Talking Head morons like John Ferrugia decide to attack a somewhat worthy foe, such as social services, is when the majority already readily approves of the attack. In this case, the death of a little boy in the custody of social services angered everyone. Social services deserves scrutiny; the agency is too aggressive in investigating poor people, and often files cases just for simple dirty homes. Moreover the agency focuses primarily on minority and poor families. Channel 7 ignored all that, and only jumped on the bandwagon when it was safe. Now, both Channel 7 and John Ferrugia claim some mantle of leadership on the issue when they were but followers waiting until the enemy was defenseless to attack.

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