26 thoughts on “Dismissed Fox31 Morning Anchor Kelley Says He was Blindsided

  1. How “brilliant” are these morons at Fox 31?? I will never watch their AM show again. After loving the chemistry between Shaul and Steve, Shaul was moved to a minimal role. I then got used to Heidi who has all but disappeared, and now Steve???? He was my favorite. Although I also love Ken, I am DONE with Fox 31… buh-bye, losers!

  2. Well, Steve sorry to hear of your misfortune at Fox31….but yes, I fully expect you to rebound and maybe even possibly now show up on the recently resurrected AM950 of which some of us Denverites recall you fondly were a part of way back when we all first became acquinted with you when back then that place on the dial was known as KIMN….I would not be surprised of hear Mr Kelley resurrect his radio persona for which we know he is great at!

    Dana from Lakewood

  3. We will miss Steve and look forward to seeing him on another station. We also miss seeing Saul and Heidi. Where are they? I think that the person that is in charge has made a big mistake

  4. I can’t believe it! Steve was such a warm and genuine person. I have lost respect for the KDVR folks. They should have cut 2 lesser paid people in order to keep him. He was worth every penny paid him. I always looked forward to his sincere and straightforward presentation of local and national news. Terrible decision!!

  5. Small town Denver; what do you expect? Hope people in the visual media blindside their employers before they do it to them ! No loyality here to any station or their sponsors !

  6. I loved the chemistry between Shaul and Steve as well. My family and I have watched them and grew to enjoy their rapport. I think it was a huge mistake in blindsiding anyone. He has a family to take care of as well. They should at least have renegotiated his salary/contract instead of completely letting him go. Stupid and totally shows how big management is all about, themselves! I hate Denver Fox news for doing that and will not watch it again as well. And will tells others about this horrible underhandedness.

  7. We also loved the chemistry between Steve and all the anchors he worked with as well. His bright sense of humor made the morning so much better. I like Ken Clark but he is the traffic guy.You can tell he’s not enjoying his job anymore. Steve Kelley and his family have always been a class act and a bright spot in our community.
    This Colorado native will be praying for his family and his return to television or the air waves. Shame on you Fox News, I lost total respect for this station.

  8. I listened to Steve Kelley when he was on KIMN and was so happy to see him as as anchor. I have gotten used to change over the years, but this is one I will not accept. I am done with Fox 31 in the morning.

  9. I too have been a follower of Steve Kelley, he brought such delight to that morning show with Shaul, and Heidi. Those two were a great match and made the news worth watching, if that’s possible. Then they brought in this Peggy Bunker who is just an annoying know it all. I will no longer be watching Fox 31, especially if Peggy Bunker continues on. It should not have been Steve Kelley that they let go.


  11. well ok So steve kelly seemed nice enough but I do think he should stick to radio. I’ve watched Good Day since he came on and he honestly couldn’t ever get out a clean broadcast without jumbling his words. Sometimes quite painfully – it got hard to watch or listen to him. I think he got into something that just didnt fit, he’s much better at non-camera media. Sorry its the truth he never did seem comfortable, he tried. I wish him luck back on radio

  12. Steve Kelly was the only consummate professional on the morning news scene at Fox 31. What a waste of talent. Why not get rid of a few of the other not so bright folks over there, ie Shaul Turner, etc. and keep the real talent! I will no longer be watching Fox 31!

  13. I can’t believe Steve Kelly was let go!?!?! You would think that some of the other lesser roles would have been cut before Steve! I didn’t like the change when they separated Shaul & Steve; I even wrote the show directly and had some ignorant smartass reply. It got so ugly that Shaul herself apologized for the tone of the emails! Heidi moving was a good think. But now this, I will have to think really hard about tuning into Fox in the morning anymore.

  14. I am done with Fox31 News! First of all, it was very disappointing then Steve & Shaul were separated; they had such great rapport and flow. Whoever removed Steve is a lamebrain and should be removed for making such a corporate blunder, especially in these depressing times. I have lived all over the US in Dallas, San Francisco and Miami and have never watched such a professional and natural reporter as Steve Kelley. I will be watching or listening to whatever fortunate (hopefully local) station secures Steve in the future. He is a true asset to his industry — God Bless you in every way, Steve!

  15. All Denver channels are viewed in Wyoming as well, and I, too, was hoping that Steve Kelly was on vacation. I really, really enjoy Dan Daru who is a morning bright spot. I used to watch 11 when he was there and was thrilled when he moved to FOX. This constant anchor switching doesn’t endear folks to the channel, and Steve was really great as was Heidi. Shaul’s too syrupy but tolerable. I’ll just tune into FOX national news rather than Denver—I can count on them to stick with the good ones. This is ridiculous.

  16. I miss Heidi and Steve. I like Ken and Peggy is okay, but the chemistry between Heidi and Steve is hard to beat. Steve has been in Denver a long time, I hope he remains here. I’m considering other news stations now, FOX 31 you really made a mistake this time.

  17. I miss Steve Kelly I thiught he was on vacation he was the reason we switched morning news channels. I think KDVR made a big mistake ! guess we’ll be lookin for a new news channel all together.

  18. It is to bad they got rid of Steve Kelley, he was really great. Since the girls are there it is like a sewing bee. You have caused a lot of people to quite watching your show. You really made a big mistake. Ft. Collins

  19. I kept thinking Steve was on vacation so would tune in each day to see if he’d returned. However, I got so tired of looking at the bald head of Ken that I had to switch channels. I could deal with the baldness long enough for his brief traffic reports. Good luck Steve Kelley!

  20. I miss Steve. He was this warm and welcoming face on Fox31. I cant believe that he was just let go! Oh and Heidi…C’mon…All Im going to say is I prefer Heidi first thing in the morning. We always watched Steve, Heidi and Shaul. Letting Steve go and putting Heidi on at night was a mistake. Watching just the girls in the morning when Ken is off, is like food with no salt. If Ken leaves(as much as I like Shaul and Crystal), Im outta here! I just cant watch Peggy, bless her heart, she tries but she’s no Heidi or Steve!!!!!!!

  21. What happened to the wonderful man named Rob Marshall and his beautiful dog Duece? Did Fox 31 derail them too? They were almost the main reason I watched the show, in fact I think they made the show. I love Dan Daru.

  22. I can’t believe you dismissed Ken Clark. He’s a Fox31 icon. If you had to let anyone go get rid of Chris Purente. Ken could cover any spot and do it well. He is much more palatable Thad either of the morning new reporters or Chris. As long time Fox listens we are seriously thinking of changing stations for our news and weather. First zJennicer Broom and now Ken Clark. What is the matter with you folks.

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