Fox31 Drops Morning Anchor Steve Kelley as Economy Worsens

Fox31 weekday morning anchor Steve Kelley is the latest big-name, big-paycheck Denver news personality to be let go (see Ernie Bjorkman and Bob Kendrick). Kelley was a victim of the station’s “belt-tightening,” according to Joanne Ostrow at the Denver Post, and he will not be replaced. Kelley spent nearly two decades at KOA Radio (850 AM) before joining Fox in 2005.

48 thoughts on “Fox31 Drops Morning Anchor Steve Kelley as Economy Worsens

  1. Did he really walk out on the job?
    That’d suck. I hope not.
    I will miss him, and don’t know what news I’ll watch now in the morning.
    I wish luck to him and his family, and hope he comes back to the media soon.

  2. Did anyone see his last day on TV?
    What was his final send-off. Or was it just like a normal day, where Fox didn’t let on?

  3. He did not walk out on the job. They fired him. After leaving him dangling with his contract renewal for six months. And the jerks cut him a cold one month of severance pay. That was very crappy of them to do around the holidays. Especially after how much he has given Denver. Consider my comment legitimate because I am his son Adam.

  4. The only thing i am happy about is that now i get to see him more while i am on leave. Keep him and our family in your prayers please. Naval Aircrew class 0905 supports Steve Kelley! hoo ya and Merry Christmas! 🙂

  5. How “brilliant” are these morons at Fox 31?? I will never watch their AM show again. After loving the chemistry between Shaul and Steve, Shaul was moved to a minimal role. I then got used to Heidi who has all but disappeared, and now Steve???? He was my favorite. Although I also love Ken, I am DONE with Fox 31… buh-bye, losers!

  6. The economy is affecting us on all levels. However, I will miss Steve Kelley. He was the reason I watched FOX in the morning. He will be missed.

  7. Instead of letting the anchors go, let the GM’s and news directors go…. I’ve seen too much of this…..when the economy turns south, companies use this as an excuse to let go of talented individuals. I’ll never again watch 9NEWS or FOX31 news or KWGN…at least Ernie saw this coming and took this as an opportunity to get ‘retrained’ as a VET TECH…Good for him!!! I feel sorry for those let go but not for the greedy corporate execs….from now on, I’ll get my news off the net !!!!!

  8. When I first heard that Fox was having a local news station – I thought it would be a joke. But when I heard that Steve Kelley was the anchor – I watched because I just adore him. He has done so much good for Denver. I will not be watching FOX31 anymore!!

  9. We had the opportunity to meet Steve Kelly while he was still with KOA radio,and were interviewed at our home, because of the kids we adopted. We followed him on Channel 31 news. What a classy person! We will miss him. We watched 31 News because of Steve Kelly. Now that he is gone and the horrible way Channel 31 let him go, we are done with 31 as well!

  10. I can’t believe they did that to Steve Kelley. Good Day was my favorite because of his professionalism & humor. I will not watch Good Day Colorado, without long time Coloradoan Steve Kelley. What a loss Good Luck Steve…………………

  11. I agree that Steve has served Denver well and he seems to be a good guy. And if Fox screwed him, shame on them. All sentimentality aside, let’s be honest. He really wasn’t very good at delivering the news in a TV format. He constantly fumbled and stumbled over words to the point of embarrassment. Maybe his job was more the “good guy” role and not news reader, but I can’t help but think that his performance in this area was part of Fox31’s reasons for canning him. By the way, good riddance to Shaul. She was just annoying.

  12. What a poor decision made by over paid execs. Steve Kelley is an incredibly honest man and demonstrated integrity through his news cast; I’m done w/Fox31. You can watch your ratings fall now. He brought the team together and is a stronger leader. Steve has done many positive things for Colorado and people recognize him as a leader; too bad Fox31 didn’t.

  13. Wow. I just found this. For a while I thought he was on vacation.

    Sad, sad. I too will be switching my news source.

    I have been a fan of Steve Kelly for, well, what seems like forever. All the way back to KIMN radio.

    Best of luck to you!

  14. I hated him, and am glad to see him gone. I STOPPED watching Good Day because of him. Good riddance…

  15. Steve….Let us know where you land somehow! I just can’t get over how they let the good ones go. Get Heidi back. I will miss you Steve.

  16. Steve was one of the best things that show had going for it, and we watch it every morning. Peddy Bunker is AWFUL. The worst. She’s a blooper waiting to happen. Steve gave the news desk there some credibility. They definitely lost this viewer (and quite a few more, I am certain). Nice management decisions, Fox31.

  17. I agree with Jenna’s post on 12/18/08. Fox News has made some very poor decisions as of late! The only reason I watched the programming was for its chemistry with the former, Shaul & Steve (and then adjusting to Heidi). Also, due to its local Denver delivery well into the morning, as opposed to some national show.
    Fox News will not be on my list of news platforms any longer! The chemistry now and over the past several months has been greatly reduced by some rocket-scientist Fox executive that is supposedly looking out for the best interests of the viewers?
    And if Steve Kelley truly was a victim of their so called, “belt tightening”, then why wasn’t one of the newer members axed as a result? Please, this was an outright termination.
    The upside, I no longer need to have anything to do with the Fox Network and all of its right-wing, out-dated, narrow-minded, perspectives!!! Steve Kelley WAS my only reason to tune in!!

  18. Hey, Adam Kuzava, it’s great to hear from Steve’s son. Please, if you read this, keep us updated with what’s going on with your dad. He’s a great guy, and we’d love to know where he lands a job.
    Also, good luck to you in the Navy, your doing a great service for us!

  19. I am so sad that Steve Kelly has been let go. He was the reason I watched 13. I am so disappointed that Fox didn’t let us know what is going on. Guess I will tune into another channel.

  20. It is amazing that only one person made the comment that is true, Steve stumbled with the stories all morning long. Yes he seems like he was a great guy, but he cold not read the news period! I wish him and his family luck, maybe he should go back to the radio.

  21. Way to go ADAM!!Defend your dad. Steve was the reason I watched. I really like him. I like Ken, but it is not the same. If Dan Daru goes, I’LL EVEN SKIP THE SIMPSON. SHAME ON FOX!! RUPURT MURDOCH HAS TONS OF CASH. LET RON ZAPPOLO GO, I’M TIRED OF HIS “I’M SO GREAT” ATTITUDE

  22. I started watching Good Day because of Steve. He frequents the restaurant where I work in Grand Lake and is a really great guy. I’ll miss him.

  23. Steve was one of the main reasons i watched fox 31. I like Ken and wish him much success. But I am now watching different news channels, I hope to see Steve on one of the other channels. No luck yet.

  24. I did not know-kept thinking – as a lot of you did he must be on vacation. They took over ch2 & can’t afford to keep the best of thier stars.
    Never thought much of Fox – but he made it easy to watch. My very best to him and Earnie B(ch 2)
    no reason to watch eitherone now.

  25. LOVE Steve Kelley. Kept thinking he would be back from somewhere! SO sorry to know that he was let go. I hope he stays in Denver and whatever station he lands on is the one I will watch or listen to!

  26. Dear Himmel and RP – Whether or not Steve K was PERFECT at delivering the news in TV format is actually not at issue! As many of the other TV anchors, including Libby and Ron Z, stutter over delivering news lines! The point is that there was chemistry with Steve and Shaul and then Steve and Heidi….AND ABOVE ALL, chemistry between Steve Kelley and his dedicated viewers! As a matter of fact & my case and point here, RP, you may want to read over your post before you actually post it! I believe “Cold” is actually intended to be “Could”?

  27. Well, most of you got it right. Steve Kelley is a great man and he was the only reason I watched Good Day Colorado. His humor, intelligence and good heart came through in his work. He is a man of integrity and it is Fox’s loss (and the viewers). I’m still searching for morning news worth watching now that he is gone…

  28. I hate the show. It’s too long and they should call it the Fox31 weather every 5 minutes show. The producers should be the ones fired, along with Dan Daroo(?). He is incredibly anoying.

  29. Ernie, Steve, Molly and now today Nick Carter at ch9. The message is these stations, as the world, do not value experience and professionalism because that makes you 40+. If you aren’t 35 or less you might as well be dead -no jobs and no respect for your work. The only stations I will be watching are cable because almost all of their anchors are experienced = 40+.

  30. Does anyone know an email for Steve? My company is looking looking for PT Writers for an established online media comapny in Denver and i was hoping to reach out to Steve. my email is Any assistance would be appreciated.

  31. Steve was a great guy and nice to look at Mrs Kelly what a kucky lady funny to boot.I thought he was on vacation to, to bad the station didnt let the fans know about his leaving the show that was a crappy thing to do!I guess they dont care about the fans considering they are the ones who watch the news. What goes around comes around.The exes will endup not having their jobs I wont be feeling bad for them, since they could care a less about the fans or about Steve and his family.ithought the station was like a family well if thats how family treats their members who would want to be apart of that family? I will miss him as well.I know he will do alright Keep up the goodwork in the NAVY my brother served as well he retired come back safe and to your commrads from every country. Sincerly Sabra

  32. Although I appreicate Steve Kelley’s replacements, Mr. Kelley seemed to exude a warmth and authenticity that initially drew me to the program and kept me watching. With all due respect, the show seems rather flaccid now.

  33. What did you do, fox31? Ummm…let’s see….you just REMOVED a mass of Eastern Colorado viewers from watching YOUR NEWS! EVER! Do certain people foget that many of us are ‘true blues’, regardless of what the media may try to embed in our ‘variated’ stable minds? From KIMN to where ever you go, Steve, we hold a value instilled in us that we do not allow to be taken. We are hopeful to see you, a well respected man, bring to another news station that which may gather us all back in the name of ‘humbleness’, the Steve Kelly way! God bless you and your family

  34. FOX 31! my brother was right my dad did not walk out on the job he was forced out by the stupid people that ran the station. Going to bed at 7 at night and waking up at 2 in the morning my father put his heart into that Job to provided for us, his family, you made the biggest mistake of your lives firing my dad. to those that hurt my dad ( boss/ jerk) i hope during sweeps you get your butts handed to you by every station. God bless my dad and my family!

  35. Fox is out of their mind!!!! Steve Kelly is probably the most talented anchor person in Colorado. Bad, bad, decision. Kelly children way to tell those sly foxes!!!!!!

  36. Hell yes Jenna and Adam!! It’s nice to hear from you and hear what really happened. Thanks for the update! I wish luck and blessings to you and your family. You will be in my prayers. And I believe fully that you Dad did put his heart and soul into his job. He was a great newscaster and a very great guy. His legacy in Denver will last for a very long time. Be proud to be his children!
    I agree and also truly they get their asses handed to them in sweeps. please update us on your dad.
    Hope all is well for you!!! God bless.

  37. It baffles me as to the way they have handled this situation. I thought Steve was on vacation, and after a couple of days where it was not mentioned that he was being covered, I figured it out. I don’t watch Good Day Colorado anymore, as Steve was my draw also. His quick with and smile just made the day brighter. I wish him all the luck. I sure hope this turns out to be a blessing in disguise for him and his family. God doesn’t close a door without opening a window.

  38. “Steve Kelley gone” well so am I and my family and friends, I tried four times to leave a message on Fox 31, but was kicked off each time.So now I’m deleting 31 from my T.V. if I want to hear liberal news I’ll go to CNN.Has the whole country gone liberal or just nuts????

  39. Sorry to hear that steve @ shaul are no longer
    on, guess i will find another channel to watch.
    hope to hear or see you on anther channel steve..

  40. Screw you fox. You suck hugely. What a mistake you made in firing Steve.
    I hope he gets another job soon in CO, cause we all miss him.

  41. Me and my family have decided to quit watching Fox 31. We really enjoyed watching Ron and Libby at 9pm. Their chemistry is fantastic and made the news worth watching. We used to enjoy Good Day Colorado with Steve until he got the boot! Fox should’ve gotten rid of Leland instead. He’s such a joke!!! He mispronounces words, names, etc. Then there’s the merger with channel 2. It’s all a BIG MESS. Hello Channel 7.

  42. they should let go of Shual Tuner she is annoying. and bad to look at first thing in the morning.

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