Focus on the Family: ‘Christmas. There, Was That So Hard?’

Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family has released its annual list of naughty and nice Christmas retailers. Those retailers headed to heaven include Cabella’s, Kohl’s and Wal-Mart, while Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods will have to settle for purgatory. Those destined for hell include Banana Republic, Old Navy and Lane Bryant. See the entire list (and FOTF’s rationale) here.

Starz Film Festival to Screen ‘Stop the Presses’

Kelly Pascal Gould of Pascal PR points us to Stop the Presses, a documentary about the troubled newspaper industry that will appear at the Starz Film Festival today at 4 p.m. Patty Calhoun at Westword has the details on its premier yesterday in the auditorium at the Denver Newspaper Agency, which, according to former Post columnist Al Lewis, was “like showing a horror film inside a graveyard.”

Twitter Takes Down Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson brand Motrin got schooled in the finicky art of social media over the weekend when one of the ads it wanted to “go viral” did just that. Unfortunately, the conversation, which began on Twitter and spilled over into the blogosphere, focused on why the ad was insulting rather than clever.

By 8:30 last night, the Motrin website was down as the company removed the ad. Unfortunately for Motrin, the print executions will continue for another month before they cycle out.