DMCVB Selects Delightfully Pushy New Name

Following the lead of cities such as New York and Los Angeles, the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau has changed its name to something more memorable: Visit Denver. “Our challenge was to find a 21st Century name that would be easy to remember and enunciate, be consistent with our brand, and have a call to the action,” said DMCVB/Visit Denver President Richard Scharf.

JohnstonWells Reduces Staff

JohnstonWells has grown to be the largest public relations agency in Denver, but even it hasn’t escaped the effects of the softening Denver market. The agency let three staffers go in the past few weeks “after looking at our projections and evaluating the economic realities many companies are facing,” according to President/COO GG Johnston.

And JohnstonWells isn’t alone. Last June, Schenkein reduced its headcount by nearly one-third, and a number of agencies continue to quietly downsize through attrition.