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Who is Behind the Denver PR Blog?
November 19, 2008, 6:02 am
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Over the past year, I have received a lot of questions about who I am. I have been accused of working for GroundFloor Media, GBSM, Linhart and JohnstonWells. And more specifically, I have been accused of being Steven “Steve” Silvers, Paul Raab, Dan Welch, Ramonna Tooley, Donna Crafton, Bruce Goldberg (just learned that one yesterday), Matt Wagner, Melissa Hourigan, Andrew Hudson, and (my favorite) Bill Husted.

For the record, none of those guesses is right. So why am I telling you this? Because Bruce Goldberg at the Denver Business Journal has figured out who I am and will disclose it Friday in his Street Talk column. So until then, I’ll enjoy my last few days of anonymity.

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I’ve accused you of a lot worse than being Bill Husted. So how did Bruce find you out? Investigative journalism or pure luck?

Comment by Elaine Ellis

I’m certain your true identity will turn the Denver PR world upside-down. There will be dancing in the streets. Maybe a piñata?

Comment by Efrem Rodriguez

I liked it being anonymous. I think it’s the end of an era. (An era that lasted a little bit more than a year.)

Comment by Elaine Ellis

Awww, Elaine.

Now I’m sad.


Comment by Efrem Rodriguez

Sure was swell while it lasted! Don’t worry Elaine+Ellis, there are plenty of secrets to be had!! But even that doesn’t tell the whole story, now does it?

Comment by Lance Lithgow

Now that everybody will know who you are, does it mean you’re going to be less snarky? That’ll totally bum me out. Better watch out for Penny Parker in dark alleys.

Comment by Brandy Radey

I’ve already had one suggestion that I spend my final few days of anonymity filing a preemptive restraining order against Penny.

Comment by denverprblog

Oh sure, a little feint there to convince us you’re NOT Penny!

Comment by Vill Robinson

Penny will be fine. Its not like your Jake Plummer. Also, Steve Silvers totally scooped Bruce on his blog.

Comment by Elaine Ellis

Yes, I did it. However, I did also enroll JS in the Blogger Protection Program. Well, actually he gets one month free and then he can cancel at any time.

Comment by Steve "Steven" Silvers

Boring, Sidney. Didn’t Mr. Goldberg have something better to do–like making fun of crappy press releases?

Comment by BigBro

Did nobody pick up on my casual attempt at a clue!!! clclclclcl

Comment by Lance Lithgow

@Lance Is that directed at me? I can’t tell.

Comment by elaineellis

@Elaine I think he was talking to all of us PR freaks!! I know where you were coming from Lan Man!! Damn it feels good to be in the know 😉

Comment by Beverlee Nancefield

Um, like I said, everyone. Jeremy Story. Really. Jeremy “Jer” Story.

Comment by Steve "Steven" Silvers

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