PRSA Colorado ‘Gold Pick’ Snafu Leaves Seven Entries Missing

There has been some grumbling around town today after PRSA Colorado notified seven unlucky Gold Pick entrants that their submissions were lost prior to being judged. PRSA Colorado is refunding the entry fee and promises to evaluate any entries that are resubmitted. 

PRSA Colorado Chapter President Amy Johnson contacted each of the seven entrants personally, and Gold Pick Award co-chair Maggie McMonigle says they have been understanding. But some of those responsible for assembling the original entries aren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of recreating them. Said one of those affected, “Naturally I am pretty angry since I spent countless hours putting my entry together and simply don’t have the time to duplicate those efforts again this month.”

One thought on “PRSA Colorado ‘Gold Pick’ Snafu Leaves Seven Entries Missing

  1. PRSA Colorado leadership has demonstrated integrity and shown their ability to problem solve, so why are people angry! Sometimes in life “stuff” happens.

    Pinnacol Assurance was one of the so called “unlucky” Gold Pick entrants whose entries was lost. Amy Johnson called me personally to inform me of the situation and offer options. She was gracious and very apologetic. Other less honest folks might have just swept this under the rug but PRSA Colorado was very open about the situation.

    Have those who are angry never made a mistake or been the victim of circumstances beyond their control? I think the chapter handled this with aplomb and we should all be grateful that they made arrangements to have the entries resumbitted.

    Suzi Stolte
    Director of Communications
    Pinnacol Assurance

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