Washington Post Finally Goes Online and Discovers Blogs

Playing catch-up on a trend that started five years ago, the Washington Post examines corporate blogs, which, depending on your perspective, either represent the ultimate in high-touch marketing or are the scourge of the authenticity that should define online communication. And while we agree with the Post that corporations are increasingly using blogs to help distribute information in a controlled manner, the statistics the paper cites (“Of the approximately 112.5 million blogs on the Web, almost 5,000 are corporate”) are hardly persuasive.

DNC Veteran Offers PR Advice for Denver

The first arrests have been made, so the Democratic National Convention has unofficially started. How will the circus that surrounds the DNC affect Denver’s image? Jason Chupick of PRNewser has an interesting interview with Henry Miller, the head of New York’s 1992 DNC convention, that addresses how Denver and Minneapolis/St. Paul can use the rapidly shortening news cycle to cultivate and reinforce positive perceptions of their cities.