Local PR Execs Discuss Post/News Rumors

Mark Harden at the Denver Business Journal talks to various public relations executives in town about the rumors of a Post/News consolidation, and quotes perspectives from Schenkein’s Leanna Clark, Story + Welch’s Jeremy Story, GBSM’s Steven Silvers, Linhart’s Paul Raab and Cutter Communications’ Lisa Cutter.

2 thoughts on “Local PR Execs Discuss Post/News Rumors

  1. Steve Silvers is dead on – no matter how much leap-frogging is going on to reach audiences through other means, for local companies trying to reach local audiences, for politicians trying to influence local voters, for readers who have typically enjoyed two intellectual and poltical editorial viewpoints, and for advertisers who still have the unique opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of eyeballs every single morning – being a one newspaper town will be a shock to the system.

    No matter what benefits an online biz model for news provides, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh ink with your coffee every morning.

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