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The Irrepressible Molly Hughes
April 29, 2008, 7:42 pm
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Was KCNC/CBS4’s decision to dump Molly Hughes a mistake? Judging by the massive number of “what happened to Molly Hughes” search engine queries that have landed people at our site, it seems like the general public is missing her. And we’re not the only ones who have noticed.

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Why did channel 4 get rid of Molly Hughes? I think Molly is by far the best women anchor in Denver, and very easy on the eyes! I now watch channel 7 because of Molly’s release!!

Comment by Chris

The inexperience of the new newsreader on channel four really shows. Karen Leigh has none of the journalistic skills of Molly Hughes.

Comment by jeff

I have been so excited, on occasion to see Molly back on ch 4, thought maybe they had learned(4)…
She is the best reporter in Denver – Ch 4 made a big – BOO BOO, Jim is OK but a little full of himself and the nes Karen falls short in being a reporter!

Comment by Ann Benson

What were they thinking?

Comment by Doug Benson

Bring Molly back you fools!

Comment by J. Topper

Karen Leigh has no personality whatsoever. Molly we miss you KCNC was STUPID to let you go!!!

Comment by Rabid Jones

Molly…..we have missed you so much here in Dayton, Ohio! WDTN has been sucking since you have been gone.


Comment by Lauren Bucher

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