Husted: Minneapolis’ Leigh to Replace Molly Hughes at Channel 4

Bill Husted has the scoop on one of the longer-running rumors in town: that Karen Leigh of Minneapolis’ WCCO-TV has been tapped to replace the irrepressible Molly Hughes as co-anchor at KCNC/Channel 4. Expect a mid-March start date. 

45 thoughts on “Husted: Minneapolis’ Leigh to Replace Molly Hughes at Channel 4

  1. KCNC’s decision to replace Molly Hughes with Karen Leigh is a slap in the face to all of us who watched Molly. Molly was a ray of sunshine on Denver television news! We believe Karen will not measure up to Mollys delightful personality.

  2. I cannot believe that KCNC replaced Molly Hughes with Karen Leigh! I agree. Molly was a ray of sunshine and actually made watching the news pleasurable. Karen Leigh is a totally inadequate replacement. I’ve tried to watch her because I like the rest of the KCNC team, but I just can’t do it. I’m not sure if it’s her bad hair, poor posture, tacky clothes or tight lips, but I get so distracted by all of that, I just can’t watch. And are they dubbing in someone else’s voice? It certainly doesn’t match the dumpy person I see, especially on that classy new set! This change is a show stopper for me — I’m shopping around.

  3. I always made a point to watch Denver 4 News because of Molly Hughes. Her professionalism, confidence, appearance and personality was far superior to the other networks. I’m afraid to say Karen Leigh does not come close to measureing up to Molly Hughes in any area. Now, I do not care which network I watch. You made a huge mistake by letting Molly get away. SHAME ON YOU!!! Marysue

  4. The comments so far are right on. Molly is what made KCNC my station of choice. Beneman played a poor second fiddle to her. With him as the primary anchor I’m moving on. What a shame to lose such a talent. I can only hope another local station picks her up.

  5. Icann’t believe that Molly is gone. What a disappointment. What a class act. Fox News local and national will take over our viewing. Too bad to for Channel 4 News. Ruth

  6. Disappointing is not strong enough to describe your replacing Molly Highes with “this person” with the stringy hair and unprofessional dress. There is absolutely no appeal, persona or personality. You had the best combination in Denver. Who’s advise could you have possibly taken? Molly was a “personality”, making an attraction that you wanted to believe. She injected emotion with her presentation. In spite of the fact that she wanted to make a change, you should have compensated her or adjusted her schedule to fit her present needs. You have certainly lost my household. Have a hard time looking at that “unmade bed”.

  7. I’m sure Karen Leigh will do fine. But if the GM at Channel 4 thinks that Jim Benneman is the reason people were watching the news on 4 he is nuts. Molly was by far the best thing about that newscast. I hope another local station is smart engough to grab her…

  8. I was wondering what happened to Molly. I “googled” to find out. I’d like to know the real reason she was replaced. Like many of the other respondents, I too thought she was a great anchor and asset to the news. She had style, was articulate, and competent. Hope she is picked up by another Denver station.

  9. Karen Leigh is such a mistake. She might be able to fake it if shw gets some clothes that fit, a new haircut, and a better delivery. Please. . . give us back Molly.

  10. Shocked is all I can say! We just recently returned from spending the winter in Arizona. When we tuned in to watch our favorite local news anchor, Molly was no where to be seen. A quick Google search uncovered this spring’s events at Channel 4. We tried watching Karen Leigh, but she is not worthy of Molly’s chair. Way to go KCNC, you’ve lost 2 more viewers.

  11. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Leigh in person a month or so ago, and she was both very friendly and engaging. I have watched her on KCNC since her debut and think she’s doing a great job. It’s too bad that Molly was given a new position at the station, but don’t take it out on Karen by unfairly criticizing her because you think Molly was given a raw deal, she’s not the one who made that decision.

  12. The personal attacks on Karen Leigh are disgusting. If you’re upset that Molly Hughes is no longer co-anchor the anger should be directed towards the production department – not Karen. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen at an event downtown. I had no cash for the valet and Karen (who I hadn’t even met yet) jumped in and offered me the needed cash plus a tip for the driver. Karen’s uncalled for kindness is really rare – we’re lucky to have someone like her representing Denver.

  13. I was away for 6 months and was so sorry to see that Molly was gone. I watched Channel 4 because of her–not Jim Beneman.

  14. I am sorry that Molly is gone. I miss that smile and her sense of humor. I hope all goes well for her whatever she decides to do. Channel 9 is now my news channel of choice.

  15. How stupid for KCNC / CBS 4 Denver to do this. Molly Hughes was the reason we watched KCNC. We just had to ‘deal with’ Jim because we liked Molly. Well, now there is no reason to be in pain and suffering by watching someone who has no personality. The other gal may be nice but there is nothing to her. She is just a plain vanilla teleprompter reader.

    We started watching 9 News and are enjoying Addle and Bob …we just miss Molly.

  16. My husband and I are so thankful that your station has come to its senses and return Molly to us. By far, she is the best representation for the station that you could have. She has a personal way of delivering the news that is satisfying to us. Her rare editorializing is always welcomed and usually comes with sincere humor. To be suscinct, she is family. Her replacement has only one going for her that we can decern; she can read well. Sorry, but thank you for returning Molly Hughes to us.
    Cathy in Carbondale

  17. I saw Molly on the news, is she back? I certainly hope so. I have been boycotting CBS4 rather than watch it without Molly.

  18. I was very pleased to see Molly back on the news. She is an amazing anchor. CBS4 is fortunate to have her. She is the reason ratings have been high over the last couple years. There is a great chemistry on the news team.

  19. We in Mpls. were pleased that Karen Leigh left the CBS station here. She constantly mis-pronounced the names of major political figures, such as Senator “LEE HY” of Vermont. She even pronounced the name of the well-respected news organization Reuters as “RU TERS.” She must read the gossip magazines in her spare time.

  20. I loved Karen here at WCCO and I miss her dearly, and hate all the comments I am seeing directed at her. She is a well versed anchor and should be given a chance by your viewers, and I am sure they will come to love her. I switched from cable to dish and could no longer see her, and was shocked that she was let go by WCCO, and I am glad I can no longer watch that station. Anyone who owns a basset is cool in my eyes, so way to go Denver. I sure hope you treat her right.

  21. Juat an additional comment that when Karen Leigh was on Minneapolis TV, she handled the “fluff” interviews, i.e. the opening of a Krispy Kreme store, etc. A fellow by the name of Bill Hudson handled the interviews that required knowledge of current events. I agree with Bill above. Minneapolis is fortunate that Karen Leigh is no longer on the news here. It is bad news for the TV viewers in Denver, though, that a person with the lack of journalistic skills such as Ms. Leigh is working in a major market- Denver.

  22. RE: Molly Hughes comments… Molly Hughes is much more professional than the new gal, Karen Leigh. Why would Channel 4 go outside of the area to get a small market anchor from a not-first-rate city such as Minneapolis? Ms. Leigh is sadly not prepared to be a professional newscaster in a major market such as Denver.

  23. I have no complaint with Karen Leigh’s hair and attire. My complaint is that she was hired without a solid news background, other than the “feature” beat in Mpls.

  24. I just moved here from Minnesota, and I can’t believe that channel four here hired Karen Leigh. In Mpls, Leigh could read the news from the telepromter without too much of a problem, but when she had to talk off the cuff, it was embarrassing to watch.

  25. Whether it is the new newsreader that came to Denver from Minneapolis, or any other newsreader for that matter… The vast majority of local television newsreaders have limited journalistic skills, other than being able to read a teleprompter without glasses. Local television news throughout the country is really in a sad state. Thank goodness for C-Span!

    Karen Leigh is really not any better nor any worse than the other local TV newsreaders. If you took away their teleprompters and asked their opinions on, say, events in the Middle East, or drilling in ANWR, they would be completely baffled.

  26. I agree with Marty. I am amazed by the lack of quality stories on local TV, in this market and across the country.

  27. RE: Brie Ann’scomment above. TV newspeople are required to sign contracts detailing how they will act, dress, and appear in public. Any so-called act of kindness is done merely so they can present a good “face” to the public. As a result, I don’t understand your comment that Karen Leigh “represents” Denver. If any of these newsreaders get a better offer from another city, they take it.

  28. What is with the comment that Karen Leigh “represents” Denver (above). She is just a newsreader that couldn’t care less about her posting in Denver.

  29. I see on Karen Leigh’s blog that she interviewed the Governor for an upcoming segment. I moved here to Denver from Minneapolis, and I am amazed that channel four would give the interview to Ms. Leigh. In Minneapolis, Ms. Leigh had a reputation at WCCO TV as one who had no interest in hard news.

  30. Channel 4’s decision to hire Karen Leigh was a huge mistake. She has very limited journalistic skills, and has difficulty even reading the teleprompter

  31. Why was Molly Hughes replaced with Ms. Leigh? I guess channel four must have hired Ms. Leigh “on the cheap” from a Minnesota small-market TV station. And it shows.

  32. Nearly 9 months later and no improvement. We want Molly back for all the reasons already expressed, based both on Molly’s professionalism and Karen’s lack of gravitas.


  34. Karen did a great job in Minneapolis for four years on the WCCO morning and noon news programs. I met her once and she was very charming. Denver is lucky to get her!

  35. Please! Some one get Karen Leigh to a stylist or fashion consultant. She is in jackets way too big, ill fitting and old fashioned.

  36. Karen Leigh is the WORST newscaster I’ve heard. Even when I was brand new in the business I did a better job. And she is supposed to be experienced? She can’t pronounce the names of our towns that are Spanish. She says D-erh-A instead of D-eye-A – she mis-pronounced CHONCHO by saying CHON CH-EE-Oh! Come on! There are many reporters on the staff that are 100’s of times better. Did anyone notice that none of the reports now say the names of towns?

  37. It’s amusing to read the comments by Denver residents re: Karen Leigh. The unfavorable comments are right on the mark. Ms. Leigh has a very limited command of proper grammar, and her lack of interest in the news shows.

  38. I’m glad molly is gone. I had to switch channels when she came on. She dellivered the news like she was on a soap opera.

  39. Get Molly back ! She is a true professional and we miss her greatly. Karen cannot fill her shoes !

  40. Every now and again I flip back to channel 4 to see if Molly Hughes is on as Anchor or even reporting on a news article. I always enjoyed the real person she came across as and the caring way she told the news. She is truly a delight to watch! If the articles I have read are acurate in saying she was demoted, that is a disappointment.
    I do not care for her replacement, Karen Leigh. She is hard to understand, and her hair has become very unattractive as she has made it more blonde, bad color job!
    If Molly has moved on by her own choices then that is how it should be told. Anyway we now watch 9 news or other channels mostly, still missing Molly! I just want her to know she was appreciated for being real and being good at what she does! She also had cute hair!

  41. Karen Leigh’s journalistic skills are sadly lacking. On her former station in Minneapolis,she was known for not having the slightist idea of the pronunciations of well-known politicians.

  42. Does anyone watch the news or care in this town?? That Karen Leigh smiles through EVERY story… Good or bad. She is the bubble headed bleach blonde… Even though she’s brunette with that horrible widow’s peak. So sad this ineptitude permeates this cow town of Denver. Channel 7 and Fox are the only watchable news stations here.

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