Is There a Denver PR Recession?

It is hard to tell exactly what effect the recession is having on the public relations industry so far. Like a lot of other economic bellwethers, the PR-specific information seems inconclusive and often contradictory. PR Week has speculated in the last few weeks that the economic fears have frozen employment at a number of PR agencies, but hasn’t yet resulted in significant layoffs. Locally, it is just as muddled.

One trend that may be an indicator, though, is that Andrew Hudson reports he is seeing an increase in the number of people posting to the “People for Hire” section of his Web site. Let’s hope that is just an indication of the continuing growth in the traffic to his Web site rather than a sign that more people are out on the streets job-hunting these days. If you are one of the ones posting to the site, there is some encouraging news: Andrew has been surprised by how many companies hire individuals based on their profiles. And if you plan to post your profile, be succinct. Says Andrew, “God rewards good writing, brevity and creativity.”

So, let’s all take a moment to silently thank him for creating his PR Jobs List, which is one of the greatest resources ever created for Denver PR people.

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