Who Had the Worst Week?

  • Actor Jeremy Renner was airlifted to a hospital after suffering “a traumatic injury” while plowing snow at his home near Lake Tahoe. Renner reportedly lost a significant amount of blood when his 14,000 lb. Sno-Cat ran over him.
  • An American Airlines ground crew worker died when he was “ingested into the engine” of an Embraer 170 aircraft at the Montgomery, Ala., airport.
  • Rolling Stone ranked the best 200 singers of all time and Celine Dion was notably not included, much to her fans’ outrage.
  • Slip-and-fall attorney Frank Azar has “settled” a 20-month-old $716,000 IRS tax bill for $769,270. Fun fact: Azar’s 2017 taxable income was $3.9 million.
  • Tennis legend Martina Navratilova announced that she has been diagnosed with both throat and breast cancer.
  • Former Denver Broncos running back Peyton Hillis is in the ICU after a Florida swimming accident where he saved his children from drowning.
  • Radio conglomerate Bonneville International, which owns KKFN 104.3 The Fan and KEPN 1600 ESPN Denver, introduced a new “Denver Sports” brand this week whose name and logo are suspiciously similar to the existing DNVR Sports brand. Not surprisingly, DNVR Sports is threatening a lawsuit. Fun fact: Bonneville International is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mormon Church.
  • A Park City, Utah, resort employee died when he was ejected from a chairlift whose line was severed by a fallen tree.
  • The Texas A&M-University of Florida men’s basketball game was delayed when the Aggies forgot to bring their game jerseys to the arena. Trainers retrieved the jerseys from the team’s hotel, but not before the officials assessed a technical foul against A&M for delaying the start of the game.
  • One of the largest personal injury firms in Colorado, the Sawaya Law Firm, is now the Wilhite Law Firm. A spokeswoman said the name change was unrelated to allegations that founder Michael Sawaya sexually assaulted and sexually battered a client in his office.
  • Southwest Airlines is offering passengers whose flights were cancelled or delayed during the holidays 25,000 frequent flyer points. The move represents the airlines’ first tangible step toward trying to repair its reputation.
  • If you have a 20%-off coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond, you might want to use it this weekend. The retailer warned that it is running out of cash and may file for bankruptcy soon.

So, who won the week?

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