What the %$@# Did She Just Say?

9News anchor Kim Christiansen takes a few minutes each week to read viewer feedback on the air, and to her and the station’s credit, the feedback often is negative. Unfortunately, Kim didn’t navigate the minefield of expletives as well as she had hoped in this viewer’s feedback.

3 thoughts on “What the %$@# Did She Just Say?

  1. Kim is a terrific and very experienced anchor. We all make mistakes and frankly, I can’t imagine the challenge of trying to read that sentence live, on air without stumbling or dropping the F-bomb!

    1. Completely agree, Sharon. Kim is a legend. If she can’t make it through a comment, it is probably time to revisit what comments are being shared on the air. I don’t blame 9News or Kim, though, for wanting to help people understand the ridiculous vitriol they have to put up with every day.

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