Trolls Run 9News’ Gary Shapiro off Twitter

“Less than a month after 9News’s Gary Shapiro caused a tweetstorm by bluntly refuting Twitter charges of fake news, the veteran morning anchor has announced that he will stop posting as he has been out of frustration over what he characterizes as the commandeering of his account,” Michael Roberts at Westwood reports.

“My feed has been taken over by tons and tons of people who are from out of state and probably don’t even know who I am,” Shapiro says. “So except for tweeting about breaking news and weather, I’m going to shut it down.”

Meanwhile, fellow 9News anchor Kyle Clark has doubled down on his approach to confront and mix it up with trolls, which has put him in an online fight with the QAnon, the shadowy, far-right conspiracy group.

One thought on “Trolls Run 9News’ Gary Shapiro off Twitter

  1. To know how to act in the sphere of politics, first become quiet, turn off the news, turn on Mozart, walk through Colorado’s foothills or mountains, and make yourself peaceful. I strongly suggest not mixing it up with the crazies. They are better at it than you.

    Bottom line, if we are not peaceful, how can we expect peace to come through the actions we take?

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