9News Shakes Up Sports Coverage

Joanne Ostrow at The Denver Post reports that 9News is abandoning the traditional sports segment in favor of sports feature stories integrated throughout the newscast. The move is intended to fight the “ratings drop off” that normally occurs during sports segments at the end of newscasts.

“Sports has always been done at the end of the newscast. Typically you see ratings drop off at that point. We want to take the people doing sports and incorporate all that stuff throughout the newscast,” said KUSA general manager Steve Carter. …

“No one’s losing their job. We’re adding another sports person, another digital person,” Carter said. “Right now, even if sports becomes a bigger story our station tended to hold it until the sports segment. There’s no reason sports can’t run in the A block or B block. We’re spreading the sports out.”

Get Grounded Foundation Awards $20k

The Get Grounded Foundation, the charitable giving arm of GroundFloor Media (GFM) and its digital sister agency CenterTable, has awarded more than $20,000 to seven local community programs supporting youth services. Recipients are:

Teen Facebook Usage Actually Increasing

Conventional wisdom has it that teens have abandoned Facebook in favor of WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. A new report from UBS Evidence Lab finds a different story:

UBS Evidence Lab conducted research on U.S. use of Facebook in 2016 and found that most teens use the social media platform daily and that that number is actually on the rise, as reported by eMarketer.

The research found that 65% of U.S. teens reported using Facebook daily last November, and that figure was up from 59% in November 2014. Facebook actually beat out Snapchat and Instagram for daily use by teens, though that may be less surprising given that Facebook’s overall audience is significantly larger than the competition.

Separate research from RBC Capital Markets, also from last November, found that that about one-third of teens reported increasing Facebook usage over the past year.