Aurora Sentinel Trashes City’s Proposed PR Campaign

The editor of the Aurora Sentinel is not impressed with Adrenalin or the agency’s new PR campaign for the city:

Now it’s time for a serious mommy makeover for (Aurora). So (the city) hired Adrenalin, a high-powered image and branding consultant that recommended the city consider a powerful image-meme like: “Aurora, it’s worth discovering.”

Barf. In the interest of frank honesty, that’s just stupid. In fact, it’s awful. It’s publicrelationese for, “we don’t suck that bad.”

If you’re wondering just who the brains are behind such a sad little synaptic backfire, it comes from the same people that proudly stand behind the stellar marketing campaigns for PPIR. No? No Pavlov’s Bell there? How could you not know that PPIR is the Pike’s Peak International Raceway? Never mind that it went bankrupt years ago. Andrenalin still touts that wild success on their website.