Linhart, Philosophy Big Winners at 2013 PRSA Gold Pick Awards

What does Sharon Linhart call it when you pick up a half-dozen wins at PRSA Colorado’s Gold Pick awards? An off-night.

Linhart PR and Philosophy Communication were the big agency winners at last night’s awards event. Using the proprietary and highly sophisticated Denver PR Blog formula to determine which agencies fared best (four points for the Grand Gold Pick, two points for a gold, one point for a silver), the results are:

1. Linhart PR (21 points) – Two grand gold, six gold, one silver
2. Philosophy Communication (11 points) – Five gold, one silver
3. Pure Brand (7 points) – Three gold, one silver
4. JKD! & Co. (4 points) – Two gold
5. CSG | PR (3 points) – One gold, one silver
5. MGA (3 points) – One gold, one silver
7. Weber Shandwick (1 point) – One silver

And the big non-agency winners were:

1. Kaiser Permanente (10 points) – Five gold
2. Commerce City (7 points) – Three gold, one silver
3. Denver Art Museum (6 points) – Three gold
3. Farm Credit (6 points) – Two gold, two silver

And, finally, congratulations to the Special Award winners:

• Linhart PR’s Sharon Linhart (Swede Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award)
• Bagnulo Communications’ Meredith Bagnulo (Chapter Service Award)
• Chipotle’s Chris Arnold (PR Person of the Year)
• JKD! & Co.’s Jane Dvorak (Mentor of the Year)
• MGA’s Matthew Rodriguez (Joe Fuentes Rookie of the Year Award)
• 2012 PRSA Western District 2012 Conference Planning Committee, led by chairwoman Lisa Cutter (PR Team of the Year)

3 thoughts on “Linhart, Philosophy Big Winners at 2013 PRSA Gold Pick Awards

  1. Au contraire, it was far from an “Off Night”! We are thrilled with the recognition of our work on a variety of programs and could not be more honored. Thank you PRSA!

    1. Sharon – Congratulations on winning, by my count, 10 awards last night, including the Swede Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award. All very deserved.

  2. As my grammie said, “if you are not talked about, you are dead.” It is an honor for Philosophy Communication to be recognized along the side of so many companies that we respect so dearly. Thank you PRSA.

    Also, a big thanks to Philosophy team members, Connie Tran, Randall Erkelens and Korisa Geiger for taking their time to give back to the industry. We know that you have many demands, and your commitment to the industry is much appreciated.

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