Westword Questions 9News’ Journalistic Integrity on Dyer Dog Video

A day after 9News anchor Kyle Dyer was attacked on-camera by a dog, Michael Roberts at Westword contemplates the journalistic integrity of 9News’s decision not to allow anyone – even its own NBC Today Show – to air the clip because it “has been traumatizing for staff members.” Roberts rightly questions whether 9News applies that same standard to individuals not affiliated with the station:

“… Many items shown by TV stations on news broadcasts are traumatizing for the friends and family of the people involved. Think of the late January hit-and-run for which Taylor Jo Mathis was arrested. In that case, 9News and many other outlets in town ran surveillance footage of the car striking two people, with one sent airborne by the impact.”

One thought on “Westword Questions 9News’ Journalistic Integrity on Dyer Dog Video

  1. I’ve always questioned their integrity. Especially the story about a little boy that was killed by his grandmother (link below)…no one wants to hear this story! Even in their story they showed the families crying and trying to blame the social worker but had not conclusion to the story. It just ended with a crying family member and they (9news) went straight into another story. This story did not affect anyone. There was not benefit to reporting this story.


    Maybe they will think again when it comes to showing people other than their own staff in traumatic situations.

    There is no need for it at any time.

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