8 thoughts on “Video Surfaces of Dog Attack on 9News’ Kyle Dyer

  1. She appears to have put her face very close to the dog who was being held on his back. I think he became frightened and reacted accordingly.

  2. I can’t believe this news anchor was so dumb as to continue putting her face in front of a growling mastiffs face? What was she thinking and what was the owner thinking? I am an owner of an English Mastiff and NEVER would I EVER allow someone to put their face in front of my dogs. Why do news stations allow reporters who are uneducated with dog behavior interview dogs with their owners? This is an accident waiting to happen! They need to release this dog from doggie jail, require the owner to go to dog behavior education classes and have the news anchor attend with him!

  3. I would not put my face that close to a dog that is not my pet or has known me for a long time. People need to understand dogs just like they need to understand what it is like driving a car or entering the sea for a swim.

  4. The dog obviously felt threatened! Reports this morning are stating that the owner did not have current vaccacinations for the dog. That being said, why would the people at the studio not check on these things before bringing a “potentially dangerous” animal on the set? I am sorry for what happened to the anchor, however most of us have been taught since early childhood not to approach a dog we are not familiar with!!

  5. There sure are a lot opinions here, there and everywhere. There are lessons to be learned for stations around the country. This incident started with all the best of intentions. I remember seeing how the original footage started appearing nationally. It made sense, (at the time) and was a great “get” to have the dog, the rescuer and the owner together. I know I tuned in to watch. It surprised me a bit that Kyle got down on her knees so close to the dog but it all seemed good until, well, you know. Here’s to Kyle healing fully and emotionally from this, and that the dog is allowed a long life as a ….dog. Falling into icy water, followed the day after by studio lights and people not familiar to the dog ended badly. Again the best of intentions, with the worst of incomes. Not a time to point fingers but lessons have been learned in an awful way. As many of us teach our clients, bad things happen sometimes to the best of people.

  6. She was very sweet to the dog…but EVERYONE knows not to put their face in the face of a dog that they don’t know…Let the dog go and live his life….he is not a human and felt threatened.

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