Moxie Rebrands

Moxie Media Group has rebranded itself as Moxie Creative Communications Agency in a move to distinguish itself from traditional marketing, advertising and PR firms. I’ve read the press release twice and I still can’t figure out exactly what is changing, so I’ll let Moxie speak for itself:

“Traditional advertising or marketing agencies are engaged primarily for their branding and marketing expertise, where their services are geared towards helping clients sell products and services to a specific target demographic,” said Mike Schrader, president, Moxie CCA. “While Moxie CCA is called upon to do the same, our clients’ communication challenges are increasingly centered on a need to communicate one or more messages to multiple target audiences across multiple communications channels. In these cases, we are helping our clients to determine the best way to communicate to their many constituents and then execute their campaigns accordingly.”

2 thoughts on “Moxie Rebrands

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to engage in this discussion. By changing our name from Moxie Media Group and rebranding our company as Moxie Creative Communications Agency, we are more accurately communicating the depth and breadth of communication services we are offer. We felt the old brand misrepresented us as a “media only” or a “production only” shop. The fact is we are more often engaged by clients who have a specific message they would like to send out to one or multiple audiences and they aren’t quite sure how to get that message across or what element should be used (i.e. HD video, interactive presentation, printed piece etc.). We work with them from the beginning to conceptualize and strategically plan out the campaign, all the way through the design, production and delivery of the various communication vehicles needed to achieve their goal. We distinguish ourselves from ad/marketing firms because often we are helping our clients deal with corporate communications issues and developing campaigns to address these needs rather than primarily being retained to help sell more products.

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