5280 Acquires, Shuts Down Denver Magazine

Apparently I wasn’t the only one dumbfounded impressed by Denver Magazine’s ability to thrive during an economic downturn. 5280 announced today it has acquired the assets of the upstart magazine, which will cease publication immediately.

5280 Acquires Key Assets from Luxury Media Group; Denver Magazine to Cease Publication 

Denver, Colo., April 19, 2011-5280 Publishing, Inc. today announced that it has acquired key assets from Luxury Media Group, Inc., licensor ofDenver Magazine’s intellectual property. Among the intellectual property transferred to 5280 are the Federal trademark of the name Denver Magazine; several internet domain names, including denvermagazine.com; and Denver Magazine’s Twitter account and Facebook pages. Simultaneously, Denver Magazine announced that it was ceasing publication, effective immediately.

Denver Magazine was first published in February 2008. During its three-and-a-half year run, the magazine scored an exclusive interview with then-candidate Barack Obama and formed numerous strategic partnerships with prominent local organizations.

“Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of rival magazines come and go in Denver,” said Daniel Brogan, 5280 Magazine’s founder, editor, and publisher. “None have lasted as long or made as big of a splash as Denver Magazine. You have to respect the hard work and ambition that Michael Ledwitz and his team brought to the table.”

“As CEO, publisher and editor in chief of Denver Magazine, I was able to really understand what makes this city tick and have enjoyed every moment of it. I look forward to 5280 continuing to publish a great city magazine for the residents and visitors of Denver,” said Denver Magazine founder, Michael Ledwitz.

5280 will not be assuming any of Denver Magazine’s liabilities or obligations. Under the terms of the transaction, neither 5280 nor Denver Magazine will be releasing any additional information regarding this agreement.

About 5280

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado, with a total distribution in excess of 85,000. A finalist for four National Magazine Awards, 5280 was recently named one of the five best city magazines in America by the City and Regional Magazine Association.

5 thoughts on “5280 Acquires, Shuts Down Denver Magazine

  1. Humm. Since I subscribe to both, and just renewed for 2 more years with 5280, I wonder if 5280 will further extend my sub for the rest of my 2011 Denver Mag sub…except they say they won’t assume any liability or obligations. Humm.

  2. LOL, How much did 5280 have to pay? Or rather how much did DM have to pay 5280 to take it off their hands?

  3. Denver Magazine tried to sell me an ad a while back, they did nothing but try to blow smoke up my a**. The distribution and circulation figures they claimed were false. They wouldn’t provide me with any audit or any other confirmation of distribution. Anyone who bought ads in that rag got duped big time. Doesn’t surprise me though that people bought into a sleaze bag like that’s fluff because he could talk until you almost believed him!

    1. Sandy- what type of a business do you have – a sewage pumping company? I ask this because you seem full of s**t. I am a friend and was an advertiser and I was showed print receipts and postage statements. I was told that there are some ex staffers that are trying to bash a beautiful magazine. This is a real loss for our city and anyone that thinks otherwise is just a armchair loser.

      1. Actually it is a scum bag cleanup company, we had that inside cover double page spread remember?

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