3 thoughts on “PRSA Colorado’s Video Tribute to Joe Fuentes

  1. I have nothing but very fond memories of Joe. While I reported to Colleen Plummer when I worked at Coors, as a “newbie” in Corporate Communications, I knew that if I had a question, I could always go to Joe for an answer. Most often, he knew the answer, or he would help me find it. I left Coors to pursue my career in Los Angeles way back in 1990. Though we didn’t keep contact, to this day I can remember vividly what a stand-out and giving person Joe was. We will miss him. I lost my father to cancer in February. Who knows, Joe and my Dad are in a better place now. Though they never met, maybe their paths have probably crossed now that they are at rest in a place of peace and love.

  2. Props to senior Denver PR professionals, led by Sydney Ayers and Doyle Albee for putting together this wonderful tribute.

  3. Joe truly was an amazing person. He was always such a kind open heart soul. He definitely was the most honest individual I have ever met without a doubt. It’s to bad I didn’t know Joe that well though unfortunately. You don’t know what your missing until its gone! Great tribute video for sure. He’s in a better place now and the great memories of him will never fade away.

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