CBS4’s Leigh Discusses Pregnancy, Engagement

The rumors have been circulating for a little while that CBS4 lead anchor Karen Leigh is pregnant, so I’ve been curious if there would be any backlash to the fact that she is not married. Most people wouldn’t care, of course, but TV news viewership tends to skew a little old and cranky.

But so far, there hasn’t been much noise. And credit Leigh for getting ahead of the story with this blog post. She smartly humanized her situation in a way that should take the air out of those who might criticize her.

6 thoughts on “CBS4’s Leigh Discusses Pregnancy, Engagement

  1. Ms. Leigh has extremely limited journalistic skills. It would be great if Denver TV could attract a serious journalist, rather than someone such as Ms. Leigh who is “lost” without the telepromptor.

    1. Who in God’s name are you to judge her
      or anyone else. Your social skills are
      “extremely limited” Your comments are very
      rude and uncalled for. Get a life jason!

  2. I think that 40 years of “feminist” bastardization theory is enough. When are we going to see though the selfishness of the act. Pray that the child is not male.

  3. I’ll have to agree with Jason… Karen Leigh was on a Minneapolis CBS station when I lived there, and she was completely “lost” without the teleprompter. She mangled grammar, mis-pronounced well-known politicians’ names, and was incapable of asking an insightful question.
    In short, she does not have the skills to be a reporter/anchor in a major metro area such as Denver.

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