What’s Behind CBS4’s Surprise Ratings Win?

Congratulations to CBS4, which posted its first 10 p.m. newscast ratings win in years. 9News GM Mark Cornetta blamed his station’s second-place performance on “re-runs, specials and football (that) tend to skew the ratings results at this time of year,” but we all know that the real reason CBS4 landed in first place is because of Misty Montano’s twitter presence.

5 thoughts on “What’s Behind CBS4’s Surprise Ratings Win?

  1. Totally agree, @MistyMontano rocks! I don’t have to turn on the tv or even open a newspaper, I just get on Twitter and chat it up.

  2. Yes, Misty has a unique presence on Twitter representing News4. I enjoy her unique voice that is both professional and also personal. A direct connection to a local television news station is a welcome development. Thanks Misty.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Cornetta should review an aggregate list of the items his 10 p.m. program runs as “news” for an explanation. Sorry, but the mere presence of Adele isn’t enough to carry the day, and when you’re competing with real-time delivery of a huge variety of local and national news via the Internet — easily accessible by Blackberry, iPhone and other smart phones — the 10 p.m. newscast a la 9news looks like a 21st Century buggywhip. What has 9news done to differentiate its product as competitors such as CBS4 have evolved? Nothing; we get the same tired banter, stale static weather images sent in by viewers, Drew Soicher schtick, bogus “investigations/gotcha stories” and cloying Kim Christiansen projects that you’ve delivered for years.

    How about more real news about real local businesses, more Adam Schrager, more prime time Kirk Montgomery and more of anything you haven’t been doing ad nauseum for the last 10 years, Mr. Cornetta?

  4. I was flipping channels and came by CBS 4 today; I normally do not watch CBS news since they had the new anchor but today I saw Molly. They should bring her back if they want the rating to go up. 🙂

    Is she just filling in or is she back full time? I really miss seeing her.

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