Obama Address Bumps ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’

When preschoolers across the country tune in to ABC tonight to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” they may wonder why Franklin is getting all the air time. Imagine their disappointment when they finally realize that President Obama’s prime-time address on the war in Afghanistan has bumped the Charlie Brown tradition until next week. But not everyone is happy about the scheduling conflict.

5 thoughts on “Obama Address Bumps ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’

  1. Kudos to ABC for rescheduling Charlie Brown. And this means I can wait another week to put up my Christmas tree.

  2. Ha! I remember watching Charlie Brown back in 6th grade. Gina, for the record, I had my Christmas tree up last week;)

  3. Ironically, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” first aired in 1965, about the time the Vietnam War was ramping up. Same special, just different war and President.

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