21 thoughts on “Fox31 Picks Up Meteorologist Nick Carter

  1. Smart move by FOX 31.I always liked Nick’s weather because he’s a pilot as well. Pilots, at least the good ones, know weather. Especially here in the Rockies.

  2. So glad to see more of Nick Carter on Fox31 weather. He’s one of the best Denver has ever had. Channel 9 made a big mistake letting him go. I hope he stays in Denver the rest of his career.

  3. Nice to hear that Nick Carter is back – pilots are great weather forecasters. Nick’s sense of humor has been missed since Channel 9 made the big mistake of letting him go!

  4. In Scottsbluff, NE we get two Denver channels on our cable. I watch #2 because of Nick Carter. He is the best weatherman and I like his calmness in bad weather situations.

  5. I just found Nick Carter at Fox today. Looks like I’ll be switching. I really missed him and didn’t know where he went.

  6. Nick is the best weatherperson around. So glad to see that he will be giving the weather. Professional, concise, accurate – what a great addition to Fox 31.

  7. Hey what happened between Nick Carter and the anchor on last nights broadcast, he didnt know that camera’s were back on and he told Nick Carter he didnt have a future??????

  8. Where is Nick Carter? Have not seen him for a while. Only watch this channel because of his weather forecast!

  9. Nick Carter is the best meterologist in Denver – would love to see him more often. He is the reason we don’t watch channel 9 anymore.

  10. I have flown w/ Nick as a safety pilot. This was before his cancer diagnosis. Sitting on the couch, watching the TV @ JetCenter..

  11. Hello nick,
    I met you for the 1st time in 1999 and every year after. At 9 health fair. I really enjoy chating with you. I wish that I had taken a picture with you…. because I had to have surgery done on my foot, and I needed more time to get better and the hosp. Let me go. And I hate you are no longer part of 9news. But your weather is the best on any channel. Take care. Cookie

  12. Nick has been an expert weather forecaster since he was a preteen kid when he was WGN Chicago’s Jerry Peterson’s reporter for the entire Albany Park Neighborhood. Glad to see Nick make it big he is also an excellent drummer.among other talents in which kickball and dodgeball are not included. Saw Nick on TV a few years back when I was visiting my daughter and Airman Son-In-Law and grandrchildren at FE Warren AFB. They are now in Georgia at Warner Robins. I recognized that face of Nick’s and the obvious humor and talent but the last name has lost its Goulash flavor. Congrats again Nick you have the talent to go National if you want. Al Roker has nothing on Nick. But I must admit Steph Abrahms is way cuter. Nick is more the Jim Cantori type with the humor of old Chicago 70′,s WLS-TV weatherman John Coleman.

  13. Well where is Nick now? haven’t seen him on Fox 31 and his picture is not on their website anymore….Sure do miss him

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