Denver Losing City’s Best TV Business Reporter

9News business reporter/anchor Gregg Moss is leaving the station to take the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer position at Alem International Management. Mosss has been at 9News for most of the past decade. The station also announced that reporter Carrie McClure will not return when she takes maternity leave in June. Joanne Ostrow at the Denver Post has all the details.

5 thoughts on “Denver Losing City’s Best TV Business Reporter

  1. Gregg is going to find out some interesting things outside of news.

    1. Thanksgiving is a holiday.
    2. November is just a month.
    3. You can take vacations in July.

  2. Greg Moss, we will miss his humor and reporting, as we miss Nick Carter. Gary, Kyle and Sussie are still great but, we feel that 9 news is loosing the team that has made them the number 1 station in Denver for a long, long time. We watch 9, faithfully, for the news, insite and especially the people (the news and insite can be seen on any Denver Station). I hpe that in the future, Channel 9 will keep the remainder of the team and continue to be “our station”

  3. wondering why nick cvarter and greg moss are no longer on channel 9?? wer e there cutbacks or just new opportunities for those two??


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