Woodward, Rivers Latest TV News Casualties?

We’ve heard rumors for several days that 9News is dumping investigative reporter Paula Woodward, and now the rumor mill has Reggie Rivers out as CBS4’s weekend sports anchor. We’re starting a pool for the last Denver news personality over age 30.

3 thoughts on “Woodward, Rivers Latest TV News Casualties?

  1. It’d be a shame if Paula was let go. Despite her ‘pitbull’ image, as a PR person, I always found her friendly, professional, up front and overall a good person. If she was going to clobber you, she’d let you know and occasionally she’d let you negotiate the degree of pain. There’s been several times when she did hard stories on the City (remember “Caution Frequent Stops” about loafing City employees?) but in each case, I never felt as if she was slimy or misleading about what she was after. Channel 9 would miss her; so would the city.

  2. I’m with Andrew — it would be a big loss. Though I wasn’t a fan of the loafing workers stories (Mike Royko always said it was poor sportsmanship to go after little guys when the big fish were getting away with much worse), Paula’s broken plenty of great stories.

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