CBS4, Denver Magazine Team Up

Denver Magazine announced that it has formalized a relationship with CBS4 to jointly cover local entertainment stories and charitable events. As part of the agreement, CBS4 critic at large Greg Moody will contribute a regular column to the magazine, and CBS4 will carry a segment the last Friday of each month “that gives viewers a sneak peek of one of the stories in the new issue of Denver Magazine.”

One thought on “CBS4, Denver Magazine Team Up

  1. My take: this is just another example of how “old media” doesn’t get the changes that have happened in our world. They don’t need to have Greg doing this, they need to “crowdsource” it and have ALL OF US writing about local entertainment and charity events. I will boldly say that there’s not an event that happens in Denver/Boulder nowadays that doesn’t have at least one blogger / podcaster / twitter user attending, so why not consolidate THEIR material and have a far broader and frankly more interesting news stream? Then tap Greg for smarter, more in-depth material?

    Come on, Denver Mag / CBS4, it’s time to rethink your paradigm in the interest of staying alive in the next 12 months.

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