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PR Budgets, Staffs and Salaries Shrinking, USC Report Finds
March 4, 2009, 9:49 pm
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The University of Southern California released the results of its survey on the effects of the current economic environment on public relations. The highlights:

  • Budgets: 51 percent said their 2009 PR budgets are smaller than in 2008, while 18 percent said they are larger than in 2008
  • Staff size: 22 percent said they downsized their staffs last year, while 63 percent said they made no changes to staff size last year
  • Salaries: 56 percent anticipate salary freezes in 2009, while 21 percent expect salary cuts
  • Agencies: 69 percent of those retaining PR agencies have – or plan to – cut agency budgets by an average of 25 percent

PR Agency Bailout
March 4, 2009, 9:27 pm
Filed under: Public Relations

Last agency to get hired by AIG is a rotten egg.