Less-Expensive Mark Koebrich to Replace Bob Kendrick

Dusty Saunders at the Rocky Mountain News conducts the most extensive post mortem to date on Bob Kendrick’s departure from 9News, and concludes that he is a victim of the sagging economy. Dusty also guesstimates the annual salaries of various local news personalities:

  • Jim Benemann, CBS4 – $700,000
  • Adele Arakawa 9News – $500,000
  • Bob Kendrick, 9News – $400,000
  • Mike Nelson, Channel 7 – $400,000
  • Kathy Sabine, 9News – $400,000

15 thoughts on “Less-Expensive Mark Koebrich to Replace Bob Kendrick

  1. Do we really care who it is that reads the news on TV that we all have read 2 hrs. earlier on our I-phones? I’m sorry, but I’m sick and tired of folks pretending to be journalists that read the same crap I’ve already read off of my computer, only with better hair (and that’s up for debate….no, seriously, my wig is pretty slick….yeah, I said it!). Damn, give me a 6 figure salary for knowing how to “read”.

  2. I for one am very glad that Mark Koebrich will be doing the news rather than Mr. Kendrick. I’ve been watching 9news for more than 20 years and Mark has so much personality and seems to really enjoy what he’s doing – it comes across to the viewer that he’s enjoying himself and his enthusiasm for his job is refreshing – there are few broadcasters I would rather watch.
    On the other hand…although I respect Mr. Kendrick, his presentation style leaves something to be desired in my mind. When he first arrived in Denver I thought he was nervous and that he might take a day or two to “hit his stride and settle in” so to speak . Well, it never seemed (to me) that he got comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe its just his personality, I don’t know, but he never seemed comfortable with the rest of the news crew either and to that effect didn’t do the job justice (from my perspective). I was always happy to see Mark Koebrich, Ward Lucas, Ed Sardella – even Gary Shapiro.
    The 9News staff has been and is so deep I never understood why they went to Canada for another team member when they could have moved some of the personalities they already had into different jobs. Kevin Corke and Phil Keating are just two examples of the “jewels” they have had in their possesion of the past several years and allowed them to slip away – not to mention Ron Zappolo and so many others.
    Its a real shame that such talent has been allowed to walk out the door without so much as a second look and yet Mr. Kendrick spent several years here trying to fit in and when the economy is at its worst, he’s “let go”. Even though I don’t care for his style, I truly feel sorry for the man. I pray that God blesses him and he finds another job quickly.

  3. Who gives these people that kind of salary for reading what someone else lets them say They can not comment on anything that would step on the Host Networks toes.

  4. They write the scripts they read you ignorant tools. I’m not saying the salary is justified but they’re not just reading, they write all and research most of their own stories.

  5. For all who think they know about journalism. It is hard work, coming up the ranks and only those involved in the field would know. How sadistic to say that they are paid too much just to read what is given to them. What the hell do you know? I would love to see one of “those” people to do what they do. Very early, very late and long hours. You people are hiding behind computers with your jealousy on high volume.

  6. Mark k has the biggest head of any male news person-he should be back where he started the learning channel-what a putz. But nine is having $$ problems, the weather channel is mostly ads for egos and they have wrecked 20. Please keep the morning crew and all the good male weathermen. 9 needs them

  7. 9 news should have kept bob and got rid of Adel. She is hardened over the years and looks at Kathy and Drew with discuss. She is not all that where Kathy and Drew do bring some entertainment while they do their news (weather or sports). I think she is just jealous of their acceptance. Kathy could have Adel’s job and not mis a beat. The morning crew is where changes should have been made replacing Gary and what’s her name with anybody would have been an improvement. They try to laugh at everything with nothing better to say and reading the prompter with no expression…reading.

  8. Wow. really? Another male anchor with a huge nose! The morning guy and now Mark. I agree that Adel has to go too! Last night she read an alarming story about the floods along the North Carolina and Minnesota borders. That’s a big flood………..what? Brilliant!
    Just clone Crystal Egger from FOX. I can watch her read the news all day.

  9. Bob is back up here in Canada now. He has brought his bad luck with him. They are closing our local staion and now the capital city has no local news.

  10. I once worked with Bob Kendrick and I know him, well. I think a lot of you, here, are just jealous of him !

    You’re jealous…. that a “Canadian” had made it big…in your own effing backyard…

    By the way, Denver is big but not the biggest market..try LA, Detroit, or New York City, with 100 plus stations on the dial !

    Bob worked in radio for many years, prior to tv.

    He was once a “morning man” for a popular country station in Alberta, Canada. He was a very popular and funny dj and audiences loved him, even back then. And, he was also, an incredibly nice and humble man to work with. A very funny guy, as well…

    He had a really smokin’ hot girlfriend, back then, better looking than your woman, I bet ! LOL

    She was a tv anchor for a major Canadian station.

    As far as being “wooden” or “nervous” in front of the camera, that’s “b.s.” I’ve seen Bob many times on Canadian television and he wasn’t wooden, then, and he’s sure as heck not “wooden” now ! He was never nervous in front of a radio mike, either…

    Bob has also read plenty of my own news stories and he rarely f–ked up any newscast I had prepared for him ! In fact, he was one of the few dj’s who always pre-read his stories, even the wire copy…

    He’s a proven “major market” news talent and he’ll be back at some U.S. station, eventually..

    Regarding CHEK TV, the “bad luck” wasn’t of Kendrick’s making ! The closing has now been post-poned as Can-West Global (the owners) is currently negotiating with station employees to transfer ownership and it’s possible that no one will get layed off…

    The closing of CHEK TV has been widely criticized here in Canada by hundreds of Victoria residents, many of whom believe that Canwest decided to deliberately shut it down..and thus, forcing 40 people out of work…

    In this struggling economy, no American or Canadian should be happy to see anybody… put out of work.

    RJ (over 100 breaking news/sports stories sent to the national news wire !)

  11. Koebrich is all right but he’s not good enough to be a primetime anchor. He was better for the 4:00 newsy news. His greenish-grey hair has got to go! YUCK.

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