Wait, Qwest Doesn’t Own Dex? D’oh!

If you dumped your company’s products on peoples’ doorsteps without their consent, you’d probably be arrested. Not the yellow pages cartel. So how do you get even? Create a giant phone-book shaped art sculpture in front of Qwest’s headquarters. Which would be even better if Qwest hadn’t sold its Dex yellow pages division to RH Donnelley several years ago, but we’re willing to cut the performance artists some slack because they probably don’t read the business section.

Hat tip to Andy Bosselman.

One thought on “Wait, Qwest Doesn’t Own Dex? D’oh!

  1. Cute video. However, U.S. consumers referenced the print yellow pages 13.4 billion times last year, old books are recylable in most community programs, YP provides one of the highest advertising ROIs and small businesses depend on us to reach ready-to-buy customers. And in most communities, the delivery of white pages (in the stacks with the yellow) is mandated by the local public service commission. Most of our publishers list a number to stop the delivery if a customer doesn’t wish to receive the books. Full disclosure, I work for the Yellow Pages Association.

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