4 thoughts on “KCNC’s Arturo Santiago Lands on his Feet

  1. KCNC management should know that there are many of us who no longer watch their broadcasts because Arturo is gone. He was the bright spot. An amazing sense of humor on the Sunday AM show. He is greatly missed!
    Denise in Broomfield

  2. Denver’s loss is Santa Maria’s GAIN.

    After the local KCOY station didn’t renew contracts with their long time news anchors, they left, leaving our central coast floundering for someone who knew what they were doing…and it was ugly, until Arturo came to town.

    So far he’s been a good fit, and does a great job even though it’s obvious he’s not use to our communities and our weather.

  3. Due to a round of layoffs in Jan 2012, Arturo Santiago is now a reporter, as KCOY will move the news program to Salinas. At least he still has a job, as 12 others were let go.

    1. Arturo Santiago is an outstanding journalist and a compassionate human being. We are so fortunate to have him still on our airwaves. The new anchor team is chilly in comparison to what KCOY had before. Arturo in the one warm, bright spot to stay tuned for. May his career continue to flourish. We all benefit from his professionalism and charm. kac young, Cambria

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