GBSM Unveils New “YourHub” Practice

GBSM today announced that it will reduce its focus on large, reputable, corporate clients and instead target Denver-area, consumer public relations by creating a new division called “GBSM |” The new division will identify enhanced strategies to place articles in the YourHub franchise.

“We got the idea when we read about Edelman consolidating its digital practices and enhancing its focus on ‘authentic’ communications,” said GBSM principal Steven “Steve” Silvers. “We immediately convened our principals and held a staff retreat to ponder the question, ‘What is next in public relations?’ Then it hit us! YourHub is the pinnacle of what the public relations experience should be. Not quite journalism, not quite user-generated content, not quite reputable, but fully billable!”

The strategy has already delivered several success stories, and helped the agency land several new clients, including Lil’ Angel Pet Boutique & Gallery and Ladies En Confidente, according to Silvers. 

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