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I’m Senior … They Even Let Me Meet Our Clients Face-to-Face
March 28, 2008, 8:17 am
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Occasionally, as a service to our valuable readers, we take emails that we receive and, well, we’ll just say it: convert them from delusional ramblings and random threats to more thoughtful, well-reasoned statements. In response to our recent post about the PRSA awards judging, the following thought has been expressed by a number of readers, albeit some more eloquently than others:

Five years of experience DOES NOT make someone “senior” level.

The actual emails supporting that concept ranged from, “Would five years make you a senior architect or lawyer?” to “Suggesting that five years of experience makes you ‘senior-level’ and qualified to judge industry awards just reinforces PR’s image as facile publicists and event planners.” Ouch. 

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I agree that asking for five years doesn’t make one as seasoned as they could be to provide thoughtful counsel on our industry awards. However, if you want to see more truly senior-level counselors judge these type of events, then consider being more generous with your time. After attending a sparsely attended judging session at Schenkein, it would seem those caught up on a numeric basis for counsel weren’t very quick to volunteer themselves. Actions speak louder than sending in e-mails.

Comment by Elaine Ellis

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