Auon’tai Anderson Walks into the Lion’s Den, Is Promptly Eaten

You may find 9News anchor Kyle Clark arrogant, snarky or self-aggrandizing, but he’s not a man to be trifled with. He’s created a nightly news show – “Next with Kyle Clark” –that is light years’ more informative and entertaining than the competition’s, and his Norman Rockwellian presence belies an incredibly sharp mind and a masterful approach to both television news and social media.

The latest victim to underestimate Clark is Denver Public Schools board member Auon’tai Anderson. The recent East High School shooting has put Anderson under intense scrutiny due to his leadership role in kicking police officers out of district schools two years ago. Public pressure forced the school board to reverse its position last week, and Anderson chose to accept an invitation from Clark to discuss the issue.

To put it mildly, Clark was salivating at the opportunity. First, Clark boxed Anderson into a dialectic corner that forced him to say he believes that kids who have been charged with gun violence crimes should remain in regular classrooms as long as their crimes occurred off-campus. And, then when Anderson tried to minimize his conflict with police officers, Clark went for the jugular with this epic question: “In the 2020 social justice protests, you described police officers as ‘motherf*ckers’ and said they were all corrupt. Do you still believe that police officers are ‘motherf*ckers’ and they are all corrupt?”

To Anderson’s credit, he didn’t wilt, but I’d imagine his hopes for re-election this coming November are essentially gone.

2 thoughts on “Auon’tai Anderson Walks into the Lion’s Den, Is Promptly Eaten

  1. Yeah, based on Auon’tai’s comments, if I was a parent of a DPS student, you basically heard an argument from a school board member as to why home schooling might be a better option than sending your kid to DPS. “Sure! A kid with a history of gun violence has a right to an education before my kid has right to not being shot!”

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