Fact of the Day, Media Pitch Edition

Journalists responded to 3.37% of pitches sent by PR professionals in Q1 2022, according to a study from Propel. That is a single-digit decline from the 3.53% of pitches journalists responded to in 2021.

Propel recommends sending emails with subject lines no longer than five words and keeping the pitch between 50 and 79 words. And, while I’m not a journalist, I’m pretty sure they would recommend making sure the beat they cover is relevant to your pitch and to stop following up with variations of, “Just wanted to make sure you got my previous email.”

One thought on “Fact of the Day, Media Pitch Edition

  1. If you send the pitch and then follow up with a phone call saying, “I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost among your many emails,” virtually no one takes offense and you are assured your pitch is noticed and considered. Many times subsequent emails and phone follow ups garner the response of “glad you reminded me.” There is no substitute for talking with people.

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