Natalie Tysdal’s Departure from Fox31/KWGN Coincides with Husband’s Court Date

Former Fox31/KWGN anchor Natalie Tysdal’s recent departure from the affiliated stations has been presented as just another case of a journalist getting out of a tough business. But as Westword’s Michael Roberts reports, her husband’s impending court date to answer for “70 counts connected to alleged financial malfeasance” may have also had something to do with the timing.

Among the charges Tyler Tysdal is facing are violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, multiple counts of securities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, and one count of theft. All are felonies. Among the alleged victims are former NFL quarterbacks Carson Palmer and Matt Cassel.

Natalie Tysdal is just the latest media figure to get tripped up by her husband. Last fall, the husband of former 9News sports anchor and current KOA NewsRadio Broncos sideline reporter Susie Wargin was accused of sexual assault by a Colorado State University student. Pro tip to female journalists: you may want to consider staying single.