Anschutz Consolidating Colorado Political Media

Corey Hutchins at Columbia Journalism Review examines billionaire Phil Anschutz’s recent moves to “dominate Colorado politics coverage,” and speculates whether The Denver Post is Anschutz’s next target.

On May 31,, owned by Anschutz’s Clarity Media Group, announced its acquisition of The Colorado Statesman, a subscription-based weekly print journal and website, and a stalwart of state politics coverage for more than 100 years.

Anschutz bought The Statesman from billionaire homebuilder Larry Mizel, who was co-chair of Donald Trump’s Colorado campaign; the sale price was not disclosed. Last week, The Colorado Statesman’s website began directing readers to, which now hosts the Statesman’s archives. …

There is also some greater media business context for the ColoradoPolitics deal: a public perception that Anschutz has designs on The Denver Post, owned by Digital First Media.

“He tried to buy The Denver Post…but The Denver Post would not sell to him,” Vince Bzdek, editor of the Clarity-owned Gazette in Colorado Springs, said, referring to Anschutz, during a talk last fall. “If they would sell he would buy it tomorrow.” Bzdek tells CJR he does not know of any current discussions on that matter.

One thought on “Anschutz Consolidating Colorado Political Media

  1. He’s been trying to buy The Post for six years. I did the RMN prototype as a “Trojan horse” to show willingness to go a different path instead of acquisition.
    Deal book provided by then-Digital First greatly inflated all numbers and diluted expenses and pension liability.
    You want news … check out Pust’s ongoing liability from pension fund they have access to … and how about the “seller,” Larry Mizel.
    Silverado S&L scandal and other fraudulent accusations in late ’80s.
    What a crock … we could have launched a DC-hybrid Examiner last August in a weekly or twice- or three-times weekly format and scrubbed The Post.
    Anschutz is no Soros … context required here …

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