PRWeek Releases 2017 Salary Survey Data

PRWeek has a released its annual salary survey, and the 2017 edition paints a generally rosy picture for public relations practitioners. Among the findings:

1. Median annual salaries for those at the senior director level and above are well into the six figures


2. The median annual salary for those located in the “West” – including those of us in Colorado – is $102,000 (although that number skews higher because of the San Francisco and Los Angeles markets)


3. 45 percent of respondents reported salaries above six figures (compared to 40 percent in 2016)


4. A ridiculous gender salary gaps exists with men earning 42 percent more on average than women


2 thoughts on “PRWeek Releases 2017 Salary Survey Data

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am disheartened and surprised that an industry with more women than men is demonstrating such a gap in salary equity. When are we going to stop perpetuating this madness?

    1. I described the wage gap as ridiculous, but on Twitter Sarah Rasmussen described it as appalling. Her description was more accurate.

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