Great Moments in Marketing

Santanu Choudhury of the Wall Street Journal reports that India’s Tata Motors – parent company of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, among others – is set to unveil the unfortunately named Tata Zica at an auto show next week as fears of the global Zika virus pandemic continue to grow.

Choudhury reports that, “Tata picked the name months ago using the first letters of ‘zippy’ and ‘car.’ … As more stories about the outbreak of the Zika virus and the disfiguring birth defects it can cause grabbed attention recently, it was too late to change the car’s name.”

One thought on “Great Moments in Marketing

  1. Jeremy- The other day I was rummaging through old files and came across this most unfortunate timing for an ad.  It was in a “pennysaver” sent to several affluent Northshore Long Island communities.  It was too late to stop the delivery and arrived in people’s mailboxes on the morning of 9/12/01.  The unintentional gaffe was so overshadowed by the horrifics of 9/11 that likely few remember it.  It’s pretty uncanny.  …………………………….Stephen Koenigsberg Public Relations - Counsel & CampaignsTelephone: 303-915-7301Email: skpublicrelations@yahoo.com    

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