Denver PR Veteran Co-founds Firm Focused on Marijuana PR

Marijuana consultant and political strategist Wanda James has teamed with TradeWinds Communications president Tracy Williams to form Cannabis Global Consulting, a firm that focuses “on assisting municipalities, corporations and elected officials to better navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the cannabis industry.”

2 thoughts on “Denver PR Veteran Co-founds Firm Focused on Marijuana PR

  1. Jeremy, Be interesting to see how they spin this emerging g story of it becoming the third dirtiest industry in the country right behind cement/asphalt manufacturing. Equivalent to adding 3 million cars to the roads every year in carbon output, with only two states growing. Four grows in Denver over $100,000/mo electric bills. Average grow $40,000 month. Our wildest dreams for this new industry has turned into an environmental disaster.

    PR flaks are paid to mouthpiece a position and avoid the dirt, and as a part of that industry I bemoan the fact that rather than pressure the industry to use greenhouses and alternative energy, neither of which they will do, and self-regulate because it’s the right thing for all of us, they will just spin their own ITS ALL GREAT story. Michael Aisner


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