Broncos’ Press Box Named for Saccomano

Congratulations to Denver Broncos Vice President of Communications Jim Saccomano, who had the press box at Sports Authority Field named after him in a ceremony Sunday. Saccomano has been with the Broncos for 36 years, and he will retire at the end of this season.


Tributes to Saccomano have been offered by many in the media, the latest from Peter King of CNNSI and NBC Sports:

“I think of all the media-relations professionals I’ve worked with in 30 seasons covering the NFL, none has been more professional than Jim Saccamano…. You always knew who Saccamano worked for, but the mark of a good PR guy—I’ve always thought—is he understands those sent to cover the games have pressures on them, too, to come back with unique takes and insight, and he was always prepared to go as close to the line as he could without going over it to help us do our jobs. I’m grateful for the help he’s been to me, and SI, over the years.”

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