Man Therapy … When Denial Just Isn’t Enough

Cactus has teamed with the State of Colorado and a local non-profit to create the Man Therapy Campaign, which uses “humor to cut through stigma and tackle issues like depression, divorce and even suicidal thoughts head on, the way a man would do it.”

“Colorado currently has the 6th highest suicide rate in the nation,” notes Jarrod Hindman, director of Colorado’s Office of Suicide Prevention. “Men between the ages of 25 and 54 represent a significant portion of suicide deaths in the state, and the numbers are on the rise. It is clear that we have to do something to target this difficult to reach audience.”

2 thoughts on “Man Therapy … When Denial Just Isn’t Enough

  1. I am in need of help I was at 9-11 for 3 1/2 weeks and my P T S D is not getting any better with no insurance the only way i see getting any help if I say I am going to hurt someone or myself. Can you help with any suggestions please? I am in the Denver area. Any suggestions would be helpful

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